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3 Reasons Why You Should Pick Up Biking

Every day, there are 9 million bike trips in the United States. A report in spring of 2014 showed that the number of people who have been cycling within the last year amounted to approximately 67.3 million people. While the common use of bicycle transportation began to die down after the invention of the automobile, many modern Americans have been frequenting bike shops for their newest set of wheels. But what is feeding the current biking craze? Here are some of the top reasons Americans are leaving their cars behind to hop on a bicycle.

It Makes You Healthier
While this may seem obvious, many don’t realize the full extent to how bike riding can improve your health. Cycling can help strengthen your muscles, improve your heart health, and even boost your confidence. Biking is also a proven stress releaser, and often leaves the ride feeling energized and ready to go.

You Can Get Places Faster
While it’s technically true that a car has the capacity to go much faster than a bike, this isn’t always the case. Traffic lights and other drivers can often leave a car stuck in gridlock, which can easily make a 10-minute trip into a 30-minute one. While bikers often have to follow the rules of the road when on a city street, many cities have bike lanes that are typically free of congestion.

You Don’t Have to Worry About Parking
There’s nothing worse than trying to find a parking spot in a busy neighborhood. A parking spot can be the difference between getting into to work or school on time, and coming in 10 minutes late. However, parking becomes a thing of the past when you opt to travel by bike. Bikes are small and can be stored just about anywhere you go. A bike lock is much cheaper than a parking spot!

Whether you’re searching your local bike shop for lightweight road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, or just looking at used bikes for sale, there’s a bicycle for every type of lifestyle.

Peter Lieberman


18 Sep, 2015