Aggressive and Hard-Shell Inline Skates

Here they are for you Urban Warriors: the aggressive and hard-shell in line skates. Aggressive skates – for those not in the know – are made for the in line skater bent on tricks and stunts (and maybe flirting with self-destruction.) The aggressive skater may be found “grinding a rail,” i.e., skating up to a banister and jumping on to slide down sideways. The aggressive in line skates have really small but very hard wheels and the chassis will have a sideways groove so the aggressive skater can slide as just described. Since this practitioner is pushing the envelope with jumps and other aggressive maneuvers, the skates are made super tough, a fully-encompassing hard boot and durable hardware throughout, necessary as that skater won’t make a safe landing every time.

Centre Ski and Bike offers both Rollerblade and K2 in line skates in the aggressive category: The ever-popular Fatty Pro by K2 and the NewJack by Rollerblade. C’mon in and see which fits and suits you better.

Also for the urban skater there are hard shell skates. Unlike most all the other models of in line skates which are made with a soft boot for maximum comfort, these are fashioned more like a ski boot and emphasize performance. They offer an increased degree of support and resistance to impact and will stand up to heavy use for a long time. K2 was the founder of the soft boot design so they’ve mostly left the hard shell category of in line skates to Rollerblade. For the customer for this category of in line skates we offer the Rollerblade Twister 80, Rollerblade Fusion, and the Rollerblade RB-90 and also the Rollerblade Maxxum 90 where the number indicates the wheel diameter.

newton aggressive inline skates

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