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Ski Boots

If everybody had the same feet, one boot would fit all. Our expert fitters will analyze your foot shape and needs and select the boots to make your very particular feet happy. We've been fitting boots for over 30 years!

The "Big Box" store's fitting technique is Trial & Error (with heavy emphasis on Error). In sharp contrast, our expert boot fitters analyze each skier's feet and skiing style, then select the best choices the first time around.

If the fit's 90% good, we've got the tools and techniques to get you closer to 100%. Our bag of tricks includes a variety of boot-fit aids, including standard and laser-guided custom-fitted footbeds, as well as thermoforming the interior of the boot.

Bring us your feet and see why we've been Boston's Ski Shop since the 1980s!

Brands we carry: Rossignol, Nordica, Dalbello, Salomon, Atomic PLUS Footbeds by A-Line & Downunders