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WHY is Centre Ski and Bike the best place in greater Boston to get your bike repaired? ...because Centre Ski and Bike offers the best quality, most efficient, and expert level of repairs. We've repeatedly been the shop that did the job fast and economically when other stores have told the customer, "Can't be done," or "will cost an arm and a leg" or "You REALLY need a NEW bike." Not too hard to understand that agenda.

Centre Ski and Bike's repair department is staffed by full-time professional mechanics with years of experience who have worked on all types of bikes, simple and complex. While no shop can stock every possible replacement part, we have an excellent range of them in house and thus usually we're able to schedule your repair or tune up in the normal rotation of work. In fact it's not uncommon that simple repairs like fixing a flat can be done on a "while you wait" basis.

And our mechanics have all been qualified as :"Eagle-eye First Class," meaning they spot subtle or incipient issues so they get fixed first time through. Everything about each repair will be disclosed and explained and all your questions answered to your complete satisfaction before we get launched.

Here's your responsibility as an informed customer: get regular service, including an annual tune up. If the bike has experienced unfavorable use: through mud, under dusty conditions, in the rain, or stored outdoors, for example, more frequent service is called for. Also, "Stay Tuned" and feel and listen to your steed, since bikes are remarkably fault tolerant machines. But you mustn't exploit that virtue. For example, the rider who keeps going despite feeling a pedal is loose can wind up stripping threads and needing the crank arm replaced instead of a simple pedal tightening. When the bike is skipping as you pedal, that's another tip to come for service pronto. Whether it's a simple cable replacement, or a complex issue with your drive train, we have the proper tools and expertise and will get your steed back to good health as quickly and economically as possible.

We serve communities extending all the way from Weston and beyond, to as far east as Boston/Cambridge. Many shops in the area are inclined to turn customers away if the job is too hard or requires a lot of time. Although not every repair is feasible or cost effective, our reputation for bike repairs speaks for, we take that back. Our many satisfied customers are our best reference for the repair work we've done. We promise to explore every repair alternative possible so you can leave with a smooth, dependable ride as soon as possible.

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