Bring the Kids Along with Bike Trailers

Bike trailers open lots of additional options to get children out there in the fresh air. For tots, there are the pull-behind cabins. They accommodate 1 or two children and/or groceries up to a total about 100 pounds. An attached tall safety flag is an alert that there’s a cabin behind the lead bike. A separate harness will secure one child in the middle or two side by side. These cabins typically provide a mesh screen to keep bugs and other debris out and a roll-down plastic shield to keep the occupants dry if it starts to sprinkle. They attach to the chain stay of the lead bike and provide a safety strap as well, a backup tie to secure the cabin to the bike in case of mechanical failure.

The better ones will also come with an additional optional wheel and push handle to easily convert the trailer into a stroller. So pull the occupants downtown, park and lock your bike, and stroll around with the kids. Most of these cabins can be folded flat to fit in the trunk of your car or for storage when not in use.

Another style is suited to older children, ready to sit upright on a bike seat and hold on to the handlebar. These are called trailer bikes and are made by many manufacturers. Good news for mom or dad pulling the trailer: the child can pedal to give an assist but can’t apply brakes. The trailer attaches to the lead bike with some hardware that bolts onto the seat post, thus the main rider has the option to ride alone or pull the trailer. Parents can also obtain an additional trailer attachment piece one of which gets left bolted onto the seat post of each lead bike so either parent can pull the trailer or both can switch off conveniently on a long ride.

There’s a sophisticated model of the trailer which comes with gears and gives the child an introduction to their use. Graduating from one of this kind, the rider is at once ready to understand, use, and benefit from gears on their first bike.

Centre Ski and Bike generally carries all these items in stock, ready fo you to grab and go. If in good condition, all of these trailers are candidates for trading in when your youngster is ready for a REAL bike.

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