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Norco Bikes has offered state of the art bikes since being founded in 1964. Being headquartered in British Columbia, they’ve definitely had a lot of time to take their bikes outside to test them against the harshest and most diverse conditions. They are primarily known for their road bikes although they are also top of the pack in other styles of bikes, such as mountain bikes as well. They are constantly looking to be a visionary and innovate their approach.

At Centre Ski and Bike, we currently have Norco hybrid bikes, Norco mountain bikes, and Norco flat bar road bikes in stock. We are constantly changing our stock.

Norco Road Bikes will always give you a distinct edge over the rest of the people you are riding with. If you are into bike racing, Norco Road Bikes is the obvious choice. They’ve spent their entire history as a company working to perfect the art of the road bike. Their road bikes are primped and primed for you to experience a ride like you’ve never felt before. You won’t want to stop riding after you get your hands on one of them. You’ll quickly get addicted to the high speeds you’ll hit when you hop on one of the Norco road bikes from Centre Ski and Bike.

Norco Hybrid Bikes are targeted at the bang-for-your-buck crowd. Norco hybrid models are perfect for those who use their bike for many different reasons. They will give you the ability to change the purpose of your riding and never lose any of the functionality of the bike. Whether you are just casually going for a weekend ride or are commuting to work, Norco always prides themselves on making all of their bikes world class.

Norco Mountain Bikes are perfect for those who crave an adrenaline rush. You’ll always feel in control but will be able to conquer the toughest terrain with ease. Nobody else can even come close to matching the stylish look and feel of a Norco mountain bike. Whether you are into downhill or all terrain riding, you can be rest assured that Norco mountain bikes are the best of the best.

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