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KHS Bicycles has been in operation since 1974 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Their location gives them plenty of warm weather and open road to put their bikes to the test. They have a very successful team of both mountain bikers and road cyclists. KHS stands for Knowledge, Health, and Strength, which are three very important components to living a happy life.

As the old adage goes, knowledge is power. The manufacturers at KHS Bicycles have the knowledge to build the most efficient bikes on the market. They have the knowledge to know that they should never be comfortable and always strive for more. They have the knowledge to become the best of the best. Lastly, you’ll have the knowledge to know what perfection feels like.

Leading a healthy life is something that everyone should strive for. Riding a bicycle is one of the easiest ways to get a great exercise. One of the best parts about biking is that there isn’t much preparation that goes into it. In Football, you need the pads, the cleats, the pants, the ball, and the helmet. With Biking, all you have to do is hop on your KHS bike, put on your helmet, and go. It also gives you a way to engage the whole family in a fun activity. Everyone can look forward to a weekly bike trip.

Strength is something you can gain through riding as well. When riding a bicycle, you’ll get both physical and mental strength. It will undoubtedly challenge your muscles and your mental fortitude. There will never be a bigger thrill than overcoming an obstacle. KHS bicycles allow you to overcome that fear of failure and taste success. By gaining strength you’ll be able to go faster. You will be able to stare any obstacle in the face and conquer it.

Centre Ski and Bike has both hybrid and road bikes in store. We have the knowledge to help you take care of your bike. Our team of experts can get anything from small fixes to complete overhauls done done to your satisfaction. Our services include bike tune-ups, and bike repairs. KHS Bicycles serves as the bike manufacturer, and we serve as the best bike service shop in the area.

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