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Diamondback Bikes thrives on the non-traditional path, and the intricate details that allow you to get there. Originally starting off as a strictly BMX company, they soon started selling all different types of bikes. They became well known for their prowess in making sensational BMX and mountain bikes. Diamondback bikes are now considered to be the standard when it comes to BMX and mountain biking. Their bikes continue to maintain a stellar reputation.

Centre Ski and Bike offers all terrain, mountain, and junior Diamondback bikes in store. Before you head out onto the trail or track, make sure to grab one of our helmets as well.

A huge part of living on the edge is totally trusting the bike that is underneath you. After you purchase your Diamondback bike at our store, we can make all the correct adjustments to your bike to make it most comfortable for you. Knowing what the general purpose for the bike will be beforehand, will help us a great deal in knowing where to start. With that in mind, we can then best serve you.

When you are on the mountain or dirt, the ground may not always be smooth. More often than not, you’ll make contact with a rock or root. You’ll need a bike that will be able to take a beating. More than any other type of bikes, mountain bikes and BMX bikes have to be structured for battle.

If and when the beating becomes too much, you should come right in to Centre Ski and Bike to get your bike tuned-up. We would be happy to take care of anything for you, whether it is with your suspension or something else. In general, you should consider getting service done to your bike at least once every year. We offer the best bike tune-up’s in the Boston area. We have the proper tools to make sure that the job gets done right. Nobody will be able to compete with our expert staff. We have the knowledge to help educate you on the all of the parts and functions of your bike so you can keep it in top shape.

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