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For more experienced In Line Skaters, we offer blades that will whiz you down the road, both Rollerblade and K2, the leading brands of this genre. The wheels of these in line skates are all going to be large, typically 85 to 100 mm in diameter. The large wheels turn on high precision bearings rated above ABEC 7, minimizing rolling resistance. This combination produces the maximum length glide with each stride of the in line skater. The chassis is a light weight alloy, again reducing the effort needed to move it along. Looking at how it’s constructed, you’ll readily notice the cut outs which reduce mass but the design nevertheless makes the chassis very rigid, eliminating flexing which would absorb energy but not contribute to propulsion.

Of course, the chassis on this style of in line skate has to be pretty long, allowing the requisite space to accommodate those big wheels. Combined result of these specifications on the performance is that though the skates will go fast as you like (below the speed of sound anyway,) there’s some sacrifice in maneuverability; thus this style of in line skate will give you the breeziest ride imaginable but won’t do well on a slalom course.

The inline skater using this type of blade will more likely than not be taking deep strides as they cover big distances. A tall boot would interfere with a deep knee flex. Thus you’ll see the boots on many of these in line skates are lower cut than on lower performance models. Centre Ski and Bike offers high performance in line skates for both men and women. In K2 we have the VO2 90 Pro in both lace-up and Boa versions and the Radical 100 (where the number indicates the wheel diameter in mm.) In Rollerblade we have the Tempest 100 and Macroblade 90, versions for both genders. As the warm months progress, our suppliers run out of product and so must we, too, so come early for the best selection.

Not uncommonly, a skater rising in ability hopes to bring their in Line skates to a higher performance level by upgrading the wheels of their more modest skate. Most times, there’s very limited latitude for this type of change, because the spacing of the axles fore and aft doesn’t afford the clearance to substitute much bigger wheels. Many skates even list the maximum wheel size on the chassis. It’s still possible, of course, to upgrade the bearings which at least produces some performance enhancement.

We’ve got the requisite accessories to keep your skating outing safe and comfortable: wrist, elbow and knee pads both individually and in multipacks, a wide variety of helmets, water bottles, and also the Transpack® that bundles up skates (with ventilation,) shoes, lunch, and gear.

Centre Ski and Bike harbors a complete service facility and experienced technicians, offering all possible service options: offering wheels, bearings, spacers, and brakes and we’re able to change any or all. We’re also often able to replace broken components like buckles.

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