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Keep Active in the Winter and Rent Cross Country Gear

Unless you have a pricey membership to a gym or an elliptical machine somewhere in your house, it is very difficult to find ways to exercise during the winter. However, picking up a sport that specifically makes use of the harsh winter weather may be your best bet. Skiing and snowboarding have long been popular winter sports and have also spawned other variations over the years.

With about 477 ski resorts all around the United States, there is no shortage of varying mountains and landscapes to experience, and all of these locations can be unique skiing trips.

Skis were originally used for people to travel long distances during the winter without the need to dredge through the tall snow, similar to snow shoes but faster. While some individuals may still use skis for this purpose, cross country skiing has also become a popular form of recreation as well as a great way to exercise.

Regular downhill skiing is in and of itself an excellent form of cardio, allowing a 150-pound individual to burn almost 400 calories every hour. Most people spend a good portion of the day on the slopes, potentially burning thousands of calories just from one trip.

On the other hand, cross country skiing is usually done on flat surfaces, meaning that, unlike downhill, gravity is working against you rather than with you. Traveling long distances across flat plains can make for intense and effective exercise.

In order to make the most out of skiing as exercise, having the appropriate ski gear can make a huge difference. Obviously having the regular gear such as ski jackets and pants are important to regulate body temperature, but safety equipment such as ski helmets are equally, if not more, important. This will offer protection from collisions with trees or other skiers that average ski accessories cannot.

If finances are a worry for you, there are establishments that rent ski gear to interested parties. For specific requests, they can also rent cross country gear at an affordable price.

Renters can also make sure the gear you rent is the appropriate size and skill level for you. For example, more amateur skiers would likely be lost when renting bindings. Ski bindings are usually sectioned off according to style and category of the individual, which fit the appropriate Deutsche Industrie Norm (DIN). A DIN setting is determined with a combination of skill level, either type one, two, or three, along with the individual’s weight.

Besides just ensuring safety, a good reason to rent cross country gear before buying any expensive equipment is to see if it’s even something you enjoy and would like to explore further. It is no secret that ski equipment can be pricey, which is why rentals are such a popular option.

Instead of sitting in your home hiding from the cold, embrace it and try some winter sports. Who knows, after you rent cross country gear and take it out for a spin you could end up finding your newest obsession.

Peter Lieberman


07 Dec, 2015