Get Around in Style with a Manhattan Cruiser

Manhattan Cruisers are a small subset of KHS Bicycles. They offer six different types of cruisers including: Aero, Mono, Flyer, Smoothie, Green, and Youth. Aero offers the most basic features while the Green bikes offer more intricate features. For instance, the Aero bike only offers 1 speed while the Green bike has an 8 speed. All models of bikes offer both male and female types. One major difference between the male and female bikes is the height of the bike. To get on the bike, males will step over the bike to get on, while females will be able to get on easier without having to step over the bike.

Your Manhattan Cruiser will be able to go with you everywhere you need to be this summer. You can ride it into work in the morning, and then ride it on over to the waterfront in the late afternoon. It will be very environmentally friendly of you to ride on your bike everywhere. Hopefully you’ll be able to start a trend among your friends, family, and coworkers to become more aware of their surroundings.

The southern California vibe totally comes across in Manhattan bikes. Imagine yourself riding a Manhattan Cruiser Hybrid Bike with your sunglasses on. You’ll look and feel like a rockstar. There’s a cool breeze blowing your hair back. You have no care in the world. That’s an image that so many of us waited so long for this winter. This may be your only opportunity to permanently bring Southern California to Boston. Head on over to Centre Ski and Bike to grab one of our Manhattan hybrid bikes before we run out!

Centre Ski and Bike can also provide any maintenance services you may need for your Manhattan bike as well. We offer Manhattan Cruiser hybrid bikes in our store. From the point of purchase and going forward we want you to know that we are always available to care for your bike. We also care for you, which is why we offer a large selection of helmets. Services that we offer include: bike tune-up’s and bike repairs. You can also take part in our bike exchange program.

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