Bike Tune Ups

Does your trusty steed need a little TLC? You know it DESERVES it. Here's the thing: bikes are remarkably fault-tolerant devices. Often they'll keep going and going, sort of like the Energizer bunny, when in fact, even though they can't verbalize it, they NEED some service like a bike tune-up. Here's an example of why.

When your bike is overdue for a tune-up, the chain is probably running dry of the lubrication it would get were the bike tuned up. The result is excessive wear resulting in chain stretch. Well, the bike will still keep running (fault tolerant) BUT the gaps in successive links of a stretched chain no longer match the spacing of the teeth of the gear wheels. The result may be some skipping as you pedal BUT worst of all, the stretched chain now wears the gear teeth unevenly.

So, pardon the pun, but here's the rub. When you finally get a bike tune-up as your ride is running ragged, now a new chain won't mate properly with the worn gear teeth and no adjustment can fix this. The bike now needs replacement of the full drive train. Ah, had you done the tune-up when it should have been done your bike would still be working perfectly.

So what will our expert technicians do when they do a standard tune up on your bike? Here's a list for the common multi-speed bike:

  • Fully inspect the bike to spot any worn or missing parts and potential trouble spots, allowing a timely fix
  • Check brake pad wear, Adjust clearance and toe-in of the brakes and position of brake levers
  • Synchronize shifters and derailleurs
  • Check and adjust bearing sets: Head set, bottom bracket, wheel hubs
  • Check cables and lube housings
  • True any wheel which is a bit out of true
  • Check and adjust tire pressure
  • Clean and lubricate throughout

We take pride in saying, "When we're done with the tune up, your bike will be the best bike it can be."

For bikes long out of service or exposed to the harsh care of mother nature, you may need a "Get 'er Ready" tune up. This more thorough going type of tune up includes all the procedures in the standard tune up but goes into greater depth including repacking bearings, replacing cabling, etc.

All bike tune ups provide the requisite labor to carry out the tasks outlined; replacement of missing or broken parts is extra. Depending on the workload we normally turn around tune ups within a week but often can meet needs for express turn around times.

Of course we can (at extra cost, of course) add any accessories you remembered you wanted like a basket, rear rack, kick stand, saddle bags, lights, etc. You also have the opportunity to review those items you weren't immediately thinking about like locks, car rack, safety vest, bike trailer, cycle computer (so you can brag how many miles you did last week,) different style of tires, a new helmet, and so on.

So bring your steed on in and let us visit the bike tune up care it deserved. Your bike will thank you for it!

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