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A Quick Guide on How to Care for Your Downhill Skis and Snowboards

Skiing is a great recreational activity, and it is popular with outdoor sports fanatics of all ages. In fact, back in 2015, the number of American skiers, aged six and above, amounted to 13.52 million.

However, skiing will be impossible if your ski equipment isn’t in tip top shape! To ensure you are caring for your skis and snowboard gear properly, follow this easy guide.

Wax regularly
It is important to wax your downhill skis not only at the beginning of each season but halfway through as well. Simply put, wax reduces friction on the skis and snowboards, making skiing downhill much easier. Most importantly, wax prevents oxidation and rust from forming on the equipment, which helps to extend its longevity. In general, there are two techniques when it comes to waxing your gear:

  • Melt wax onto the base of your board or ski, smooth it out, and remove almost the entire layer with a sharp blade, leaving a thin coating behind. You will then need to buff the layer with a cloth and a little bit of elbow grease.
  • For those who can’t wait to hit the slopes, there are specific waxes that you can simply spray onto your board. Just wait for it to dry, and you’ll be good to go.

Practice good habits
While obvious, it is important to note that good habits prevent your gear from breaking too soon. Some good habits to start following right away include:

  • Always, always look out for brown/black spots in the snow. This will prevent you from going over any rocks or dirt which can easily scrape your board.
  • After spending the day at the slopes, check your bases and straps right then and there to see if they need fixing. The idea is to always rely on preventative maintenance, and this way you won’t need those expensive repairs!
  • Stay away from jumps and rails. These tricks are the number one culprit behind broken downhill skis and snowboards.

Transport them properly
Never, ever use a roof rack to transport your gear. This can put your equipment at risk of attracting harsh road chemicals — such as salt — that can erode your board from the outside in. At the end of the season, always store your gear in a dry, dark space that will protect them from the elements.

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Peter Lieberman


01 Mar, 2017