Recreational Rollerblades

Recreational In Line skates are a great introduction to the sport. Some call this activity “Rollerblading,” but in fact Rollerblade® is a trade name of the Rollerblade Company. It’s sort of like the difference between tissue and Kleenex or refrigerator and Frigidaire. So in line skating – if a bit clumsier off the tongue – is the proper term and here’s what that activity delivers. A great way to get outside, enjoy nice weather, and get the best kind of exercise. Contrasted with jogging or running, in line skating doesn’t deliver the pounding to the knees. The practitioner can easily choose the level and length of activity, either packing a lunch for a whole day outing or just strapping on skates for a breather during lunch break.

The salient features of these recreational in line skates are smaller wheels (typically 78 to 84 mm in diameter,) and a simpler comfortable skate boot, most often lace-up style. The smaller wheels make the skates more responsive with less force; this added maneuverability makes them well suited to entry level skaters. The skates, made in mens and womens models, also generally come in whole sizes only but they give a comfortable and secure fit when properly chosen.

Centre Ski and Bike still offers that superior selection we’re famous for. In the recreational level, we carry the Spiritblade, Zetrablade, and Macroblade in both mens and womens models. Our lineup of K2 In line skates encompasses 3 models for each gender: the Fit-X pro, the Fit 78, and the Fit 84 Boa for men, and for women the Athena, the Alexis X-pro and the Alexis Boa.

For those unfamiliar with it, the Boa, is the modern, patented lacing system made of a fine steel or aramid cable and a tension adjusting knob, making the skates quickest to put on plus totally uniform in snugness over the entire boot.

The manufacturers generally run out of sizes and models as the season progresses, and so must we, thus visit us early to get the best selection.

In line skate accessories include the requisite lightweight well-ventilated helmet, plus the wrist, elbow and knee pads for protection. The modern pads are light weight and breathe so won’t be like wearing your winter mittens; they’ll protect everone, even the experienced skater against the unforeseen. Also a great invention is the Transpack ® backpack, specially made to accommodate skates in compartments that breathe plus room for your helmet, lunch, sneakers, and whatever other goodies you want to bring.

For skaters who outgrow their entry level blades, see our website pages of performance and high test in line skates.

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