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Bike Tune-ups & Repairs

Get your steed tuned and ready to go! We're the go-to Bike Shop for Expert Tune ups & Repairs in the Boston area!

Basic Tune-up

Our basic bike tune up includes, truing the wheels, adjustment of brakes, synchronization of shifters and gears, tension, clean & lubricate the chain, check & tighten bottom bracket, bearing sets, lubricate cables, check tires and adjust pressure, and cleaning the entire bike. When done, your bike will be the best bike it can be.... all for $69.99

Premium Tune-up

Our premium tune includes all of the above + labor for running new Shift & brake cables and housings. Repacking bearings, Broken or missing parts are extra........ $89.99

Fix Flat: Including Tube & Labor

Without Tune-up:
Schrader Valve: $15.99
Presta Valve: $18.49

Done During Tune-up:
Schrader Valve: $10.99
Presta Valve: $12.99

Flat repairs can generally be done while-you wait!

We also offer a full range of bike repairs and adjustments. Please call for pricing on specific jobs. All tune ups and repairs done in house by our certified master bike technicians using Park brand tools.

Ski, Binding and Snowboard Tune-ups & Service

Full service tuning using Grind Rite, Wintersteiger, and Riekmann tuning machines!

Ski Tune-up

Basic Tuneup: (Sharpen, BaseGrind, Hot Wax, and Buff) $30
Deluxe Tuneup: (Sharpen, fill gouges, base Grind, Stone Tune, Hot Wax, and Buff ) $40

Wax Only: $15 Sharpen Only: $19 Hand Hot Iron Wax: $25
Binding Adjust & Function Test: $25

Snowboard Tuning Services

Basic Tuneup: (Sharpen, Wax, BaseGrind) $35
Deluxe Tuneup: ( Fill Gouges, base grind, Sharpen, Hot Wax and buff) $45

Wax Only: $15 Sharpen Only: $15