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We think we have the best service facility in the greater Boston area. Conceit or fact? Here’s some evidence. We’ve repaired skis that other shops turned away, saying they were totally toast. Our bike department has made affordable repairs and upgrades that other shops have either declined or priced to require a second mortgage. Of course there are some jobs that actually aren’t feasible, but if you want the skinny, bring it to us and well give you an honest and full report. For better or worse, we sometimes identify issues with equipment the owner didn’t know about. Still, the customer is going to be better off with us finding a problem in our workshop than either (A) the skier discovering half way down the mountain they’re going to have to walk the rest of the way down or (B) the biker taking a crash because the shop didn’t spot that hairline frame crack.

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Get your bike feeling like new with our expert bike repair service.

Bike Repairs
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A quick tune up can work wonders for any type of bike.

Bike Tune Ups
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Help a neighbor find an affordable ride with our bike trade ins.

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Bike Problems?

Centre Ski and Bike has the solutions for you. Bike not shifting right? Brakes squeaking? Our service department can fix small bike problems a la carte. Of, if you need to get your steed up to snuff throughout, our bike tune-up does it all. We tighten bearings, adjust brakes, synchronize shifters, check for chain wear, true wheels, clean and lube throughout.

  • Standard Full tune-up...$69.99 (Missing or broken parts extra)
  • For bikes in rough shape...$89.99 the “Get ‘er Ready” tune includes (in addition to the above) additional labor for installation of defunct parts (Missing or broken parts extra)

When you get your bike back, we’ll have made it into the best bike it can be.

Inline Skate Issues?

We can diagnose and recommend how to get you rolling again at top efficiency. If it’s a question of parts, we stock wheels in all standard sizes, bearings of various precision, brakes, axles, spacers, and other hardware. We have and can install replacement buckles. In short, we’re your one-stop Skate service shop