BMX Bikes

BMX (the name derived from “Bicycle Motocross”) bikes are made for thrill seekers and aggressive riders looking for adventure. BMX bikes serve as multi-purpose bikes for many young riders. They can take on many surfaces, terrains, and conditions, including dirt, street, and the vert ramp.

Freestyle and street are the primary styles of BMX bikes at Centre Ski and Bike. This style of BMX bike is made as a single speed, thus not suited to distance riding which the road bikes and hybrid bikes take on most efficiently. The quality BMX bike will have a frame made of hi-tensile or cro-moly steel, giving it great mechanical strength. Cro-moly is the lighter and stronger of the two, but also more expensive. Wheels will have 36 or 48 spokes. The higher spoke densities make for stronger wheels able to withstand the impact of stunts and jumps. Stunt style bikes will also have a “gyro,” which allows the handlebars to be rotated freely including full 360 degrees turns without tangling the cables. Some BMX bikes also are made with hollow 3 piece crank sets for lighter, stronger construction but allow replacement of individual pieces if any get damaged.

Whether you are just starting out or you’re an experienced BMX rider, our expert staff will go the extra mile to see you well-matched with the bike that suits your needs and intended use.

Our BMX selection includes bikes made by Free Agent, SE, and Diamondback, built and on the sales floor, ready to make your own. Free Agent BMX bikes are top of the line when it comes to durability, speed, and control, ready to mix it up in the park or on the street. We also have BMX helmets from 661 and Vigor, so you can be sure that you’re well protected.

BMX bikes are built to take a licking, but occasionally they need a little love. Our service department can get your ride up and running with expert bike repairs and tune ups, no matter what misfortune or abuse your BMX baby may have suffered.

We look forward to forming a lasting relationship with you and your family, and serving your BMX and all other bike needs for years to come.

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