Bike Trade Ins

Many of our customers benefit from our Bike Trade Ins. Those darned kids…they keep GROWING! So if your youngster has out grown his or her bike, you can trade it in as you outfit the rider with a proper size bike. Sometimes it may be a larger junior bike, but we also stock adult bikes in very small frame sizes so the rider can have the maximum years of use from their new bike.

Also, adults may find their bike needs have evolved, say from that old 10 speed or 12 speed road bike (ohhh, my aching back) or from an all-terrain bike to wanting a modern comfortable ride such as offered by a hybrid. (see the website page on hybrids.) Yes, you CAN be COMFORTABLE on the right style of bike. Sometimes the casual hybrid rider becomes more serious and needs to upgrade to a road bike. Also, someone who’s started out on a simple all-terrain bike now wants to take on the really challenging terrain and so needs a true mountain style bike. TRADE it IN, people; we’ve got your ride.

It also sometimes happens that a bike in need of serious help requires so much in parts and labor that it’s no longer cost effective to repair it. A few dollars trade in value can at least grease the path towards getting a modern guaranteed replacement matched just to your needs.

So when you visit, we’ll show you all the options, discuss the pros and cons, and – best of all – give you or your child the opportunity to take test rides on the candidates. Tech specs aside, you never get to know what your experience will be on a bike until you actually ride it. Come in when it’s not raining so you can benefit from this option.

Just a note on Bike Trade Ins. Since we sell only quality bicycles, we can’t take in department store bikes. Our experience is such that they are made of components that break down soon and often. If in doubt, give us a call, but the bike shop brands like Fuji, Raleigh, Trek, Cannondale, Specialized, etc. will generally be welcome.

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