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Centre Ski and Bike maintains a full but constantly changing inventory of used bikes including both adult and junior bikes, plus trailer bikes and bike trailers. Our used inventory includes all-terrain, hybrid, junior, mountain, and road bikes. The used bike fleet almost always includes sizes suited to tall, medium and short riders as well as young and older juniors. Also our used bikes are limited to bike shop quality used bikes like Fuji, Raleigh, Trek, Diamondback, Gary Fisher, Cannondale, etc. We don’t sell used low-priced department store bikes, as we’ve inevitably found their cheaper components break down frequently and often, even after being fixed.

Moreover, our used bikes have all been tuned by our professional mechanics. All bearing sets have been adjusted and tightened, wheels trued, shifters and derailleurs synchronized, chain checked and tensioned, tires inspected and inflated, brakes toed and set, and the entire bike cleaned and lubricated; anything broken or even suspect has been replaced by new and the finished product road tested. As we say with customer bikes which we’ve tuned up, when we’re done, the bike will be the best bike it can be. Since our new bikes are so reasonably priced, we can’t guarantee that the used bike shopper won’t end up picking a new one.

Caveat Emptor! We commonly receive used bikes bought privately by customers congratulating themselves on a what they take to be a great buy. Occasionally it actually IS. More often, the bike needs the expenses of a full tune up and replacement of deficient parts. Sometimes the bike has been in a crash, revealed by a bent fork or a twisted frame which the buyer wasn’t sophisticated enough to notice. Needless to say these fatal flaws make the bike unsafe to ride and can’t be fixed. No need to worry about such concerns when your used bike comes from Centre Ski and Bike.

Having this fleet of used bikes available, we also rent them; cost dependent on the period the bike is out. Rental customers need to leave a credit card deposit or alternatively bring a wheelbarrow full of cash. Renters receive a helmet and, if desired, a lock as well as directions and suggestions to find the best rides. For customers staying at nearby hotels often we can offer delivery and pick up options at extra charge. Since he units available constantly changes, customers knowing their schedule in advance can reserve and pay for the used bike they’d like to rent, thus guaranteeing it will be available when they want it.

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