Road Bikes

Road bikes are the light weight, fast-flying vehicles made for speed and for distance riding. You needn’t plan to ride in the Tour de France to pick this type of bike but it’s surely the best suited if you’d like to regularly do say 20 mile (or longer) rides. The classic style have the under slung handlebars that lower the rider’s position and correspondingly reduce wind resistance but require the rider be stretched forward. In past, road bikes were made as 10-speed and 12-speed steel frame models. However, those oldies are about as close in function to current road bikes as morse code is to the internet.

So what are the features that distinguish these bikes? Various of them can have frames of steel, aluminum or even carbon fiber. Modern steel frames weigh only a fraction of what the old ones do because of things like lighter weight alloys and tapered tubing. Since these road bikes don’t emphasize comfort, some riders like the steel frames because steel flexes giving some reduction in vibration transmission and reduced shock over bumps. Aluminum frames are lighter than steel but also very rigid, so they transmit vibration and bump shocks more. Often Aluminum frame bikes will be fitted with a carbon front fork which smooths out much of the bump/shock characteristics of the aluminum frame. Road bikes with carbon frames are the lightest but also the most expensive and owners have to take care not to nick the tubing which could lead to collapse.

Tires on road bikes have generally smooth tread, are quite narrow, and run at high pressure giving the lowest possible rolling resistance. The components – brakes, shifters, derailleurs, saddle, match the rest of the bike: higher quality, lighter, and stronger; but all contribute to the fact that these bikes are inevitably more expensive than hybrid or all terrain bikes. Prices start from the middle hundreds and range up to – the sky’s the limit. Yes, they cost more, but obviously you get more in every regard except weight.

The lines between various bike styles have blurred in modern times, so have given rise to the Flat-Bar Road Bike category. See the linked page for description of this style of bike.

Our road bike offerings include models by Norco, KHS, and, the grand daddy of road bikes, Fuji, (who’s been making bikes for over 100 years,) their Sportif and Gran Fondo models being popular choices

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